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Completely free training period reserved for three young musicians selected on the basis of particular requirements. They will have the opportunity to follow regular Theory lessons according to the general calendar subsequently indicated and they will be offered some opportunities to practice with the orchestra. Furthermore, they will be able to fully follow the normal activity of the ICA. At the end of the free annual course, students indicated by the Teacher can register for the Three-year Advanced Training Course.

1. Maximum age for access 22 years by the 31st December 2018

2. Instrumental level required: medium-high

3. Basic knowledge of Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Orchestration.

4. Ability in voice intonation skill

5. Natural physical predisposition

6. A video is required relative to one’s own instrumental practice and one relative to possible first conducting experiences, even amateur ones.

Interested candidates must apply by e-mail by 15th November 2018, accompanied by personal data, biography and video link to:

The date of the aptitude interview will be indicated after the evaluation of the application.